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What are the system requirements for the game?

Added in description.

This game is amazing! There is literally only one thing I would like it too have, and that is customizable characters. Maybe you could unlock different character costume parts (gloves, vests, helmet, pants, etc.) when you level up. Just a thought, but it would be cool.

Amazing Job!!


good game , more uodate !!!!!

I'm having a problem where i click the download link for Linux and the download does not start

Then you should contact support.
To me Linux download link works just fine.

can you make it work for 10.8 mac?

what the fuck is mac

thares a mac os, but there is no10.8 mac retard

then get a windows machine 

Windows is trash

release it on steam plz, too few people in this game

I agree

yeah i agree too

this game is lit as heckin heck

what are your recommended specs? Or have you not tested it with muultiple computers yet?

I recommend one of the PCs that I tested at least for a good experience,

CPU AMD Athlon II X2 270 , RAM 4.00 GB single channel DDR3 ,Graphics 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT

You can play with less than this, but this was the least test.

    i think 2 gb ram is good

    I think 2GB of RAM is enough.

    with this configuration I have 120 fps constants.

    well lol I have intel celron 2.16 GHz, 4GB RAM, and 64mb VRAM.. and then intel HD graphics

    I do not think it's going to roll smooth.

    Fantastic game, great job guys. Game needs more modes and a mini map feature.

    hi im a youtuber plz reply

    What is your youtube, if you're good I'll subscribe.

    The game is super fun i love playing with friends so we made a discord called skillwarz soo could you consider making it the official skillwarz discord server? link

    This is a very great game especially when it's free i will take the liberty of telling all my friends about this game ;-) 

    The game is perfect but it need more and ongoing updates to be more complete

    Do you plan on selling the script?

    Really great game btw!!

    Thanks.  No, but if someone will make good offer, then...

    Amazing game man! Just love it! Only problem for me is: The updation method should be better than having to re-download the entire game again even if it is small.


    Auto updater = i have to pay for traffic = game is no longer free.

    Oh I see! Then it is cool. I would prefer that it stays free. Also, are you planning to add a mini-map system? I would love something like the COD mini-maps where the green pulse sets off and the players last known positions are shown for some time.

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    appeared an update of the game in / app, are the fixes or is there something new?

    Bug fixes and 7 new TDM maps.

    I LOVE this game. It's like COD but for weaker PCs. The only problem is, as people said below, the playerbase is very small. But hopefully we can fix that. I definitely think this game has potential to become a big thing.

    Another thing i've noticed is that the rank icons stay the same when leveling up. Is this a bug or is it a feature? If it's the former, please fix it in the following updates. I would love to see a complex ranking system. Oh, and guns too. More guns would be awesome.

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    Because i don't have 100 rank icons. It will take few days to make them, but i don't think that it's important at the moment. If someone has experience in graphics design and is willing to help, then contact me.

    Just a little tip, you can take inspiration from a game called Warface. It's got that style of ranks and you could just work off it. It won't be blatantly ripping off the game as long as you change it into something different. Again, just my 2 cents.

    We've all got the Skillz to pay the bills... ;D

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    Hi I really love what you have done with this game great maps great gunplay ect. I wanted to know how to make a map and submit it and if you are still working on this game and if you will add character customisation. And are you thinking about adding more weapons and game modes. Thank you.

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    Hi, you can download map editor:
    create maps and submit in forum.

    - character customization is not planned.
    - time by time i am adding new weapons.
    - new game modes will be added in closest updates.

    master, If I create a map, how will it be accepted?

    Create topic in forum and show us screenshots (or better video).
    From comments you will understand if map will be interesting.

    Hi I could not figure out how to open the map editor can you please post a video on your youtube channel. Thank you

    The same way as you launch game. Extract from archive and play.
    If you download old Map Editor, then watch this video:

    cool game!

    First words, I really appreciate what you did. This game looks cool and not like any other fps game. But not every game  is perfect. This game got many maps, but i don't like them at all, look like some basic futuristic or portal ripoff map. I would like it to look more realistic, like arena 1,2,3,...  You can add houses, cars,.. etc. And second, can you please make some new mode for the game? I love defuse mode (c4) in every fps game and I'll be pleased if you do the same with this game. Thanks for reading and sorry if my english is bad :D 

    seek and destroy, would be epic.

    I played a mod with the name of Search & Rescue, in CoD ghosts, it was very good too.

    yeah we need all that stuffs too, shooting people for score is barely boring

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    "basic futuristic or portal ripoff map" only because i use prototype textures?
    It all takes time and money. We have many players who play on lowest settings with below 40 fps.
    Textured maps = more details = heavier for performance.

    Textured maps doesn't affect gameplay = it's not important at the moment.

    I think the maps available are cool and it matches the game, I think that more game modes would be welcome for the future growth of the game, many detailed maps will require stronger computers, many people will not be able to play, I think you you are in the right way.

    Sorry for my lack of knowledge. Welp, I guess I can't expect anything from you. However, I still hope the game would get better, cheers.

    Underrated game. Needs more players 

    exactly what i thought

    another way to install the game: download the application, similar to steam, enter with your account, search for skillwarz in the search, now just put to download and play, app link,

    i downloaded the game and was pretty excited to play, turns out all that excitement lead to nothing as i needed a certain kind of file i cant even find through google, if theres a way to play this without downloading any external files then please do it and let me know, i still really want to play this game

    As stated in "Install instructions", you must extract game from archive.
    To extract game from archive use one of following programs:
    *) WinRar,

    *) WinZip,

     *) 7Zip (completely free)

    ok thanks

    You can also download the client and get it from there, as I did.

    Hi, nice to meet you. One of my friend i vite me to play this game and this is so cool. i'm asking you if you gonna continue to develop this game more and sell it on steam? I'm glad if you answer my question. Can tester give you some inspire for this game? That will make a game better more. THANK YOU

    So I downloaded this game today because it looks like a great and fun game but when I registered I got two codes in my junk email and none of them worked. Please help!

    Hmm... you even left two identical comments.
    Do not register multiple times with the same email and don't close game while you are registering.
    And of course, make sure that you entered code without mistakes.

    Important: Do as I did and, after clicking the "register" button, wait a few seconds. If you click it twice, you will get a glitch.


    What a pleasure to play, this game is very good.

    when we create a room, are we using our own connection or do we have dedicated servers for each region? If it is dedicated can I help with a donation?

    Dedicated servers. Communication between clients is only via server (even when you host game).

    To make a donation, please join skillwarz community.

    Thanks, I'm now part of the forum, but I still do not know how to donate.

    In top right corner you should see heart icon.


    OMG i played this like 2 years ago xD I played it with my friends all day on browser hehe :D

    plz make this available for mac again! it was so amazing before.


    The game looks nice, may I ask what game engine have you been using ?

    Unity 2018

    This is pretty good game graphics, performance and gun play. Need more maps and suggest playing something on the map edges like buildings or mountains to make it look more professional. Bots would be a nice touch too when nobody is playing.

    Tell your friends about this game and play with them. It will be much more interesting, than shooting dumb bots.
    If you want more maps, then you can help make them (we have two map editors).

    ai galera esse e meu canal e focado nesse jogo


    Hi, I have a problem whenever I download the file, it comes corrupted if they can help me, I thank ah I have windows 7

    Hi, possible you have bad internet connection... Try to download again, or search in google "how to repair corrupted or damaged rar files" and you will find many tutorials.

    Just need Offline mode or Campaing I guess. Or maybe Zombies.

    I love the details of the game.

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    i played this game on saturday and it was great, but now it isn't working. please release the update soon!

    p.s. im a mac player

    I have a problem...if i want to join a game the game just shut down! But before all that it works perfectly


    The  best game so far,but lack of server give me 200ms,but that's fine

    Thanks. From where are you?

    Are the maps going to be textured? And is there a single-player mode?

    Maybe in future. Definitely not priority.
    Only multiplayer.

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    Okay. Thanks! I might download then.

    i loved this game its soooo good make updates and add more weapons and i love u again :) <3


    dude,can u add a match sistem like 3v3 like cs with 10 rounds or smth like this! I swer to god i love tis game. And a good map with sites and mid and take the hosteges or smth like that. this game is crayz! And case opening system,with no real money,like 10 matches win or oney in game. This game is verry grate. Thist day i play this game and have a tiny nice comunity. i IKE VERRY MUCH GUNGAME AND I WON TWO GAMES,I discover so mch trick to be better on this game. WWith love Thestafy(and the same name in the game :) )

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