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Very good game only 1 small problem: I can't set sensitivity in game

Sensitivity in menus is fine and it's the similar to the one I have setup on my system but in game it's really high and the sensitivity slider doesn't work

This is on archlinux to be precise

Thanks again !

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Problem is somewhere in relation between Unity engine and Arch Linux. Try to google your problem and maybe you will find solution.

Edit: Maybe this is your problem:

Hello again and thanks for your replay.

The game is  a unity game and doesn't need wine for it to run but what's weird is that the mouse sensitivity works fine on the menus after launching the game.

I think it's  a linux issue or a compatibility between unity and libinput or something like that

I'll keep you updated

Thanks again. 

this is good


hello my cousin has a mac  and cant play the game because it says unidentified developer

I really enjoy it but most of the time there aren't even a server available, if so there is no more than 4 players in it :c

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Like in any game, online is higher/lower depending on time of day.

I can't open the app it just says it can open it can it be because of me being on Mac OS Catalina??

Join forum/discord and ask other players. High % of players are on Mac and i think someone will help you.

Check this article. Maybe it will fix your problem:

I´ve download it on mac and it doesn´t seems to work right. It just opens the first window and the any botten i push it disappears.

Can be connection problem, or even you are banned.
If you need help, then create topic in forum and provide more info.

my mouse works perfectly all the time but when I join a game or when I make a game, I can't look around :( 

can anyone help me ?

I checked the settings and all it's totally normal

Windows OS? Cursor is invisible/locked? Maybe you set sensitivity to zero, or you modified Inputs? Open settings and press "Reset" in General and Controls tab.

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well my mouse works an the menus and all, but when I start playing I can't look, I checked everything it's all okay and I still can't play

my sensitivity is normal : at 2,00 

my look settings are : 

_look up : mouse up

_ look down : mouse down

_turn left : mouse left

_turn right : mouse right

tolally normal :/

I even deleted the game and redownloaded it and nothing changed

Windows, Mac or Linux? Look around and move cursor in menus are 2 different things. To tell the truth i have never heard about such problem. If problem is not with settings and even reset doesn't help, then i don't know.

Windows, well thanks anyways I will restart my computer an see if anything happens ^^

Try browser version:

anyone mac?

Yeah does not seem to work with catalina 

how about make it similiar as Squad ? just a tactic and strategy one...

nice game i have played it already 2 hours


add feminine men and boys characters too without boobs and to have a genitalia , please add it so i can enjoy

Hypothetical question.  Would you ask the people who make call of duty to do that?


there is no reason for us as men to remain ugly as fuck that why , bye byee


dont play this game if you have a good headshot and good aim, im always being called a hacker its not fair 


always? you have played just 2 rounds.

And if someone writes that you are hacker, it means that he is low skill player (what is completely normal in F2P game on


could you get skillwarz on steam


Any plans on BR ? :D


Not possible with current networking solution.

more weapons skins please


What application did you use to make this game

unity engine

how to run the game in linux 

the extrated the file but un able to run the game

how do you update?

Delete old version and download new.

And if you use itch app, then game will update automatically.

Custom Keybinds?

In Settings

is this multiplayer?


OneManArmy i love this game so far. really nice maps as well.

i've got an idea, myabe change the weapon menu similar to battlfield or something or like an menu where you can click your attachments, it seems easier to use (for me)

Pls people reply what you think yourself!

It requires rework of whole menu system. It is planned in future.

oh, nice to hear its plammed om te future, i like this one, the only thing is that if you click one more by accident you have to go all the way around again. its the only thing i can think of right now.  like i said i love the game

same dude i would like to just click the attachment i wan

Also how hard would it be to add a battle royale mode?? We are really lacking that genre for linux..

Simply not possible with current networking solution.

What would be needed to change that?

This game is really good! Great Job!! I wondered whether it would be simple to add the vehicles that you have in your fps engine, to some of the maps/gamemodes on this game? That would be really fun.....

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could you create an Australian region please?iCant play with good ping

will be added in next update.

hey guys if you have a Mac you can go into finder and right click it, you may have to put in a password but it will launch

Hello, I would like to know why, when I try to download, the game is showing "Failed - Forbidden" when it is almost finished downloading. I'm from Brazil, why?

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Hi, you should ask this question to support.
If you can't download game, it's not my fault.
I am only using their service.

You can try downloading the game via app

Would you like to put it on some other site and send me the link to download it?

Problem must be on your side, since nobody else has problem with downloading. Simply download app.

best game

wait so your telling me that you can play this game at 100fps on a low end pc?!?

on low settings

Add a campaign please!

Not planned.

Why? it would definitely make the game bigger!

I think answer is obvious. It will take years to make campaign, since i am working alone. Not even talking about expenses.

Dude I have unity I can help! no payment needed! Also if there ever will be I probably would put it on youtube! So I am some what making a deal with you... get a campaign on game or zombies and I will show your game on youtube!

deal :D

How many years experience in game development?
And how many subs you have?

just don't steal the game of him (im sure you won't :) )

I just downloaded the game on my MacBook and the update before had no problems, but this update I can't bind my shoot and aim down sights to my mouse buttons

You don't have to bind inputs after every update. All inputs, classes and settings are saved.

If something is not working then create topic here:
and explain in details what you are doing and what happens (if possible, record video).

The game is rough around the edges but lots of fun! Hope it gets more players.

How do I play on a custom map? Can I just transfer the map file?


i know Y is how u chat but when ever I do it doesn't show 

How to change my name in Skillwarz?

Username can't be changed.

nice, i like thise, cool game, 5 stars of 5

i am asking before downloading so please reply soon...
Is it multiplayer??

if yes can i play it in my linux without steam to my friend using windows??

Yes the game is multiplayer, and can play normally with your Windows friend.

Please add more weapons for this fantastic game!!! :)

Hope add the death playback featurue .

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Very good project! Like it!

This game is in desperate need of a WebGL version for Firefox. Please make one!

Why? WebGL is worse in any aspect. It was one huge step back, when webplayer was replaced with WebGL.

I just thought an online web-based version would allow for more people to get into the game, and let it run cross-platform.

That is the plan.

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