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game auto goes onto my vertical monitor then when i try to change it to my main it doesnt let me then when i finally set it to the resoluution on my main monitor it shrinks to a really small display which covers the save button so i cant apply the fullscreen settings

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Try to use command line arguments:

And if you need to reset all settings, then hold keys R and P for 5 seconds on login screen. Game will auto close.

im on a macbook pro with double the required specs and it wont open, it opens to a black screen the a second later it crashes, how do i fix this?

Join discord and ask there.


This game is actually so sick. I think if you just worked on upgrading the maps to make them more, like realistic, it'd be even better. Also, a few more mechanics would be cool too, like maybe a little bit better of a healing system or just like upgraded movement. But overall, this game is acually really f*ckin cool and it has a lot of potential.

Hello, OneManArmy!

im sorry for the extra trouble, since i acknoledge that you are a busy person with all of these updates and developing. 

I just seem to have a problem that im not sure why it's happening

I have recently installed Skillwarz and the first time i launch the game, it went marvelously. However this morning i've been trying to launch the game however when i click launch, the app shows that i have launched it and am playing it, but in reality its not running,

I've made sure to check the past comments and  answer you have provided, however it was futile,

Im not sure if the problem is from my side, but if you have any spare time, can you look into my problem?

Thank you so much in advance, and im sorry for wasting your time :(

Hi, comment section on Itch is not right place to solve problems. Join forum/discord and ask there.
In any case you don't need app to play SW. You can download and launch game manually.


piz when i say check for update in itch it says already  updated but when i launch  it it says download update from what do i do

You can manually download from page. Or if you want to play via itch app then try to reinstall game.

But wait for release of v0.96 (most likely today).

yes i got the new version thatts how i got to install it thnks for the help

in the app, go to the "Downloads" button in the bottom left corner, and look for "Skillwarz" in the "Update Available" section, press "Update now" which is right next to it on the right, then a pop up will appear, press the giant button "skillwarz_96_x64_Windows.7z" if u have windows, or "skillwarz_96_Mac_Intel_x64.7z" if u have a mac, or "skillwarz_96_x64_Linux.7z" if u have linux. then wait for the update to finish and u r good to go my friend

The game completely freezes all my system (Arch Linux), nothing can be done :(

Please create an account on our forum and write a post here, copy your system details.

I really like how clean-cut this game is just straight up classic PVP with no gimmics plus it runs on my low end pc. However it has a small player base, any plans to get the game on steam? Could possibly boost the player base but I am not sure thats how it works. Anyways keep up the goodwork its a great game!

Thanks! Steam release is planned after some more improvements. Post YT/TikTok shorts for easy views!

this wont open on my mac. any idea why?


Google the error message you get. Probably you just need to change one setting.

Is this game not played by many people, or is it because of my login time?There is often no one when I am online.I usually land at 2 pm.

At this moment online is small. Try at different times of day. 

Or tell your friends about game and play with them.

Can you make an Android terminal for this game?

what? you want to play this game on your android phone, or?

Android version is not planned anytime soon. FPS controls on touchscreen is very finicky.

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This might be one of my favorite FPS games out there. Good player controller, PvP is fun even if I'm bad at PvP. It's nice that you can choose between many places to get a better ping. It's really sad that there is only a small number of players.

Low number of players is expected here on Itch. Also we need active community to raise numbers.

Hi there, 

yesterday i played Skillarz.

Today I tried it an d it does not work.

Is there a issue I have to solve?

Hi, what doesn't work (you see errors, or)? 

To me everything works fine.


This Game is Quite Amazing and I love to Play it With My Friends in the Free Time.

I Hope you Guys will Add this Game on Steam and Make this game more optimized and more like cod and add some details to the map that dont effect game performance but makes the game much better looking than before.

This game has alot of potential and i think just map work and other things are remaining to put this on steam.

Hope you guys will act upon my request and surprise me and the Community with best looking maps and more enjoyable gameplay ans ui system.

Thank You TeamSkillWars🌟😊

You Guys are the best keep up the work ❤️

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Write in forum about "more optimized and more like cod" and in details, so I can understand what exactly you mean. Game already has similar to COD preset and game runs well even on low-end PC's.

There are few reasons why most maps are prototype (not completely finished).

1. Less details = faster loading and better performance.
2. Smaller download size. If all maps will be detailed, then you will have to download 4+ GB and 10+ GB on disk.
3. I don't have 3d artists in team. I am making this game alone and it will take 3+ months just to redo and finish all maps.
4. I personally prefer clean look of prototype maps. Easy to spot enemies, not like in some AAA games, where it's very hard to spot/see enemies.

Thanks, there are many detailed Editor Maps made by community which you can play with others. We want to hear your suggestions, write here (make separate account)


the best from the best 

gives me the "Could not connect to server(2)" error, tried reinstalling multiple times, but still doesn't work. Are there any possible fixes?

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I just checked and everything works fine for me.

If problem doesn't go away in 60 minutes, then something is blocking access. Maybe your IP banned on server, or problem is on your side (maybe some program filters and blocks connection).

Can you access skillwarz forums?

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i loved this game vey much but one day playing i went to the settings and turned the window to exclusive from the on it looks like this so i deleated it and when downloading again i have a problem in which the file dosen't unzip and when its downloaded and when i am downloading it from itch app it shows that "install source needs to be available locally" please help 😭😭

how to understand "file doesn't unzip"? You get error that file is damaged? If yes, then try to download again.

I loved the game. Keep It up bro.

Is it possible to have a mini-map so its more fun as for now there are very few players so finding player will be easy using mini-map ,right?

If it's ok can you also tell what technology did you use with Unity for multiplayer(Photon, Netcode, Mirror or any other..)?


We have radar in Classic preset.

I use Photon (PUN 2).

Ohh Ok.
Thanks 👍

I have this problem "could not connect to server (2) please check you internet connection" im using windows 10

In such situations you just have to wait 10-30 min and try again.

really good game bro, but the sad part is that only few players play, i got to different servers but still find few. please keep moving on, i like this game

Most of time online was low and it's normal/expected as we are on itch (while game is in development). For online to grow game must be advertised, so new players can find game. If community is not helping by making gameplay videos (and in last few months activity is very low), then online will only shrink.

Yooo How do i fix my voice chat

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Do you use mic in other games? Does it work when you are testing it in other programs?

You are first who has problem with voice chat. For me everything works fine, so I assume problem is on your side. Or you are Muted in game. Or you are doing something wrong (maybe problem with mic settings in main menu).

Yoo why does my voice chat not work. It does not detect any sounds,.

The map design is crud but the rest is ok

rating = (👍+👎)/2

whats wrong with map design?

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The shape of the maps are just fine but there aren’t any decorations, save for the pumpkins.

It’s like you’re playing in a Roblox template without any textures.

I just don’t know why I would play this instead of CS:GO because there isn’t anything different about it (no offense but that’s my take on it)

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You know process of level design? what is blockout?
At one point any CS map looked like prototype maps in SW.

Prototype maps are fine for gameplay + better performance = game runs well even on low end systems + way smaller download size + it's way easier to spot enemies. I personally like this clean look.

CS is not indie game made by one developer. Indie games (especially made by small teams with small budgets) will always lack in some areas comparing to AAA games. Does it mean that indies should stop make games, only because exist AAA games?

Every single game offers different experience. SW is not clone of CS. 
Yes, we have Classic preset which was added for players who prefer games like CS, but it's not whole game.

And not all maps are prototype maps. We have also finished maps.
Plus you can use map editor to create detailed + textured maps.

I'm not saying that I can't play the game but, it says there is a virus. I know there isn't a virus because i'm playing the game right now. But is that a common thing? For it to say this game has a virus?

I first time hear that someone has this problem. What anti-virus do you use?


I personally prefer Bitdefender.

All anti-viruses has false-positive detection's. Does it mean that file has virus? No. Idk what else to say here.

Idk lol

Will it be compatible with Android?

I would like to make mobile version, but I don't have time and resources. Maybe in future.

add it to steam


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OH SHIT, this game used to be me and my friends LIFE thank you for such a good game! 🙏

when is soon?

hey. its been a minute. back from deployment... i re downloaded the latest version but it keeps giving me an error saying its not the correct version. plz help. im tryna play again before we go back out to sea for 2 months.

Hi, how exactly you download? via itch app? or manually and extract from downloaded archive?

I downloaded from itchio and extracted it

Then I don't see how you can get warning about old version. Unless you extract game from wrong (old) archive.

Are you on windows? and extracted folder says "skillwarz_94_x64_Windows"?

In any case try to download one more time.

add tactical sprint

what do you mean, tactical sprint?


thats a call of duty mechanic sprint but faster


one of the best multiplayer games

mine those no show the list of server username kingamourkingslayer

maybe nobody is playing at this moment. Try later, or tell your friends about game and play with them.


it say could not connect to server (6) when i create a new account but when i use a friends account everything works fine. can somebody tell me why?

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Let me check. If it happens only when creating new account, then I think I know where is problem.

i also tried downloading it via itch and standalone, still same error

also the account will be created, but its not possible to connect to the server

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Yes, i found problem. Registration should work now.

All accounts should be fixed now. If someone has this problem, then write your username and I will fix.

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I love this game so much man, details, multiplayer services etc...
I've been playing this game from 2021 and it keeps getting better and better!
And now I have more irl friends :)

Keep it up superstar :thumbs_up:



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What the hell is "Could not connect to server (6)"? I literally have the newest version of the game and my ISP is fine but it shows this bs.

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can you record short video (post unlisted on YouTube), so I can see what happens? or at least tell me when exactly it happens.

also what OS?

It happens in Linux Mint 21.2.

And it happens everytime i want to log in with username and password.

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Problem should be fixed now.

 If you still can't connect, then tell me your in-game username.

Hi every time I'm trying to open skillwarz its just showing  Skillwarz can't be opened 

on Mac? read description or google your problem and you will find answer.

im trying to open it with opera gx but wont work

open what? game in browser? 

just download game and play. Or install itch app and install gave via app.

It says can't load database :(

where do you see such message?

I keep getting this error "Could not connect to server (6)" Please help

Problem should be fixed now.

 If you still can't connect, then tell me your in-game username.

Hi, where linux version ?

will be available after ~10 minutes

I don`t see.

sorry, was busy with other things


Could not connect to server (6)

try again now, sometimes your ISP has problem connecting to the specific server

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Problem should be fixed now.

 If you still can't connect, then tell me your in-game username.

I forgot my account password, what can I do?

At registration game sends your username and password in readable form to your email (together with account activation code). Find this mail (search "skillwarz") and there will be your username and password.

Remember it

Server in south america?

Yes, in Sao Paulo

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