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whys there like no one on this game every time i open it no ones on

like in any game online changes during time of day. Try to play at different times.

we have small player-base (game is in development on itch). Join discord and ask players when they play, or tell your friends about this game and play with your friends.

As of my experience, the best time to play is from 2:30P.M (United States), to 6:30P.M


Hi. Great game tbh. Not many players online but I know that you can't fix that, I like the graphics and movement system. Guns feel satisfying to hit a kill. Honestly a well made game, UI could use some work, but as I am a programmer as well as a student myself, I understand the difficulties of finding time. I would like an offline mode, with AI as you may already know that not many people play.  The offline mode should be able to give XP but slightly lower as compared to the multiplayer modes. I hope you take my requests into your game, Bye.

Hi, it will take a lot of time (months) as it's very hard to make "smart" bots and for me priority is online, not offline. Offline can be added, but i have many more important things to add rn.


Alright, No worries. I know that being a developer is a very demanding and hard task. Carry on with what you wish, Good luck in the near future! :D

hey when  i open it in itch  it goes black for a sec  then force quits the download version is not unzipping and ive tried evrything if theres a fix plz tell me im on an intell mac and i shared the problem on version 85 a few months ago

I just downloaded Mac build and there is no problem with archive. If you can't extract from archive, then problem is on your side. You sure that your Mac can run this game? Join discord and try to get help there. 

im sure i can run but my computer is a bit slow so ill try again


Onemanarmy I cant help but say good job its such a good game already all it needs is a bit of attention so it can go big what a awesome game man keep it up.

Hola en algún momento sacaran un modo zombis tipo que el jugador sea el que infecte a los demás jugadores   

El modo Zombie no está planeado. Pero planeo agregar el modo cooperativo contra zombies. Algo así como zombis COD.

ta weno pero que pereza ser top 100 solo para ponerle skins a las armas ese es un punto negativo para los casual gamer

Puedes entrar fácilmente en el top 100, jugando solo unas pocas horas a la semana.

Hello, whenever I download Skillwarz it says this application cannot be run on your computer. Is there a 32-bit version of Skillwarz?

Hi, years ago we had very small % of players on 32 bit Windows. Plus 32 bit version had problems, so i don't think that SW will ever had 32 bit version.

Hi, when I download this, it downloads as a notepad, anyway to fix this?

Hi, just install app and then install game via app. It will be faster.

Or read  Install instructions (in description). Game is in archive and you need program to extract game from archive. 

hey when i run the game on mac it says "skillwarz cant be opened" any ways you know how to fix this?

Install game via app. Or search on youtube "cant be opened" and you will find how to fix this.


can't connect to server it seems, is it just me or everybody?


I can and i see few rooms with players. If you can't connect then wait few minutes and try again.

No longer works on Intel Macs. Via Itch, once the 0.86 version is downloaded, it does not launch. We see the Skillwarz application launching in the dock (without icon) then closing. Via direct download, it’s impossible to unzip the 7zip (error message). Thanks a ton

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seems like f-up archive on upload. It happened in last update with windows build.

I uploaded new build. Try now.

It's working on Itch, thank you so much !

Via direct download, unzip is ok but I have another message when I lauch Skillwarz ""skillwarz_86a_Mac" is damaged and cannot be opened. You should place this item in the Trash."

I was the same message on 0.85 version

Wait, so now you  can launch game?

You see this message via direct download, but not when you download via app?

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Yes, exactly, via Itch is good but not with direct download.

It's expected. In descriptions you can find info about it.

se puede jugar  con control de xbox si un emulador?

Yes, if you can assign buttons. I have cheap Esperanza EG106 and i don't need any software to bind buttons in game.

w game

Can't download it. IT says forbidden. Contacted support, said they can't help it,

"they can't help" only in case if problem is on your side. I personally never had problems with game downloads from itch. Ask some friend to download game for you. Maybe itch banned you, or something.

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hey when i launch in the screen goes black then quickly quits idk how to fix this i checked my privacy as well

Cant even fucking download it. It keeps saying network error. And when I finally get it, it says forbidden.

Then contact support. It's not my site, so i can't help you with your problem.

it crashes on mac

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Worse performance, or crashes are expected. Join forum and report bug, so i can give you test build.


Tambien tengo pensado que para que ganen mas recursos implemente una suscripcion que haga cosas que no sea pay to win  como por ejemplo que te den una skin diferente y unicas a las demas tanto a las armas como al personaje esta suscripcion podria ser mensual y el precio lo pondran ustedes seguramente ya lo tienen pensado pero me gusta este juego y intento ayudar 

PD: No soy creador de juegos o programador pero se el gran trabajo y horas que conlleva hacer un juego como este EXITOS!!


Esto lo voy a publicar en mi canal de youtube 

Rana Top


Es un buen juego si estas buscando un juego de bajos requisitos shooter, es de esos pocos juegos en los que dices que verdaderamente valen la pena descargar

estoy de acuerdo, y gracias

game is fun, just sadly theres not many people playing


Itch is more about other type of games. Majority of players who like FPS games are on Steam.

Itch is perfect place while game is in development and that's why game is here. When i will feel that game is ready for release on Steam, then game will be on Steam and there will be more players.

ok, cool

how to download on mac uwu :(

The most convenient way is to download the itch app and download using it.

click download link for mac uwu :(

I've been playing this game for a while and I would like them to add a setting to add bots since sometimes there are no people playing

"Not in closest future as it will require quite a lot of work and very small % of players even need such feature."

-OMA (The Developer)

Thank you very much for taking my opinion into account, good luck, I'll be waiting for it :D


I do understand but what if you can complete the whole game with adding maps and many features and marketing it to more customers, so no one would get the problem. 


It is not 1, 2 = Done. We appreciate your enthusiasm but making a game takes alot of time and work, and especially that the game is free. We are planning to move the game on steam and hope that more players will play it. Marketing requires money and the game generates no income, except for donations. 

join our discord and ask if anyone wants to play

im using mac and i can open the game

bruh i can't open mine i'm on mac too

a sure fire workaround that works is this:

first make a new folder. then right click on Skillwarz and select "Show Contents". copy and paste the folder named "Contents" into the new folder. delete Skillwarz and rename the folder you made to "". should work fine

what Mac version do you have


very good game, me and my friends are really enjoying to play


muy buen juego, increible jugabilidad increible oprimizacion y mecanicas, lo unico malo es que si tu enemigo tene un ping alto va con ventaja y se vuelve mas dificil de matar por varias razones 


Cuéntales a tus amigos sobre el juego y juega con ellos en la región más cercana, donde tu ping será más bajo.

Really fun game, but the maps need a upgrade. they are really bland.

Players can create maps themselves with PBR materials. You can download SW map editor in the forums

Just installed it using itch and the game launches into a black screen. Says its stopped working

OS? Computer specs? It would be more convenient if you created a topic on

download using links above and see if it works

im running game on MacBook Pro high Sierra when first downloaded it worked perfect no lag really was enjoying this game but now for some reason every game I join lags bad whole match unplayable, can anyone help me with this? I really like this game an support it just cant seem to play without lag now going to try an uninstall an re install it now see if works.

i did other day,anyone know how i could fix this i really like this game i support it just sucks its unplayable for me now worked fine when first downloaded

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Read answer in forum.

My name is Tamala and I have a business proposition for you. Please reach out as soon as possible.

the hell am i supposed to do with a "content" file?!?


Just read description. If you can't figure out how to launch game, then install app and then game via app.

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downloaded it in the app, i clicked the launch button and it quitted very fast

PC specs? what OS?

macos 10.13

3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 memory 10gb 1333 MHZ DDR3 Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB


You don't understand if I ask my dad to download a 64 bit system or linux he will hit me, me and my brother tried with no success, and know if someone will play your game on a 32 bit system, it will be me, please add 32-bit version

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I already told you that there is reason why 32 bit version was removed. Many players don't understand difference between 32 bit and 64 bit, nor they know what version they must download, what leads to problem where they download wrong version. Even if 32 bit should work on 64 bit system, for many players wrong version doesn't launch, crashes, or performs worse. It was main reason why 32 bit version was removed.

Also very small % of players are still on 32 bit windows. For me it takes time to prepare, build and upload for every platform. It makes no sense to do all this for maybe 10 players on 32 bit systems.


But this is my dad's computer and he won't install 64-bit and Linux too, so make a 32-bit version please

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There is not enough players on 32 bit OS to release 32 bit SW.
And we had many problems because of 32 bit version.

All in your hands. Your system supports 64 bit OS. Convince your dad to install 64 bit OS, or install Linux in dual boot with Windows.


Here are the system requirements of my computer: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E3400 @2.60 GHz, installed memory(RAM): 4.00GB, system types: 32-bit operating system

E3400 is 64 bit processor. You can install 64 bit windows, or even Linux and play game.

Can you developers please add a player vs bot or like zombie mod for offline gaming please I know it'll be a lot of work but I think it would be fantastic thx a lot for the attention B) !!

With current networking solution "offline gaming" requires a lot of work and is not planned. Connection to internet will be required in any case. Zombie mode (co-op) is planned, but is not priority at this moment.


Yes, I really have a 32-bit computer, we don’t have 64-bit, we have 2 gigabytes of RAM on the computer, but I don’t know the CPU, so I don’t know


How can you know that it's 32 bit CPU, if you don't even know model? Few weeks ago i tested game on windows 10 with 17 years old CPU, 15 years old GPU, 2GB of ram and game runs without any problems. It takes few seconds to check model of CPU on windows. Right click on "My Computer" and select properties. There you will see info about your system.

how to run dxdiag:


Hello dear developers, I asked you a lot of times, but please make this game in 32 bit, because when there was a version where there was a 32 bit version, I played this game so much, please make this game back in 32 bit and I will again play this game. Thank you for your attention

Hi, do you really have 32 bit CPU? Or you installed 32 bit OS on 64 bit system only because you have less than 4 GB of RAM?

What CPU you have? Tell us model.

can i play with controllers on mac ?

No idea. On windows i can connect PS3 controller and assign sticks, buttons in settings and play, but there is no aim assist.

i have ps4 controler even to its connected to my mac it doesnt seem to work in the game 

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It will not work out of the box. You must go to settings and assign all buttons/sticks. Or maybe it will not work for you and you will need some soft to bind buttons.

You could try to use an emulator to bind your controllers controls to keyboard controls. I made it work once in such way


How do I open a 7z file?


Isn't answer in description?

Sorry I wasn't looking, thanks!


get 7zip

hello the game asks me to download the newer version of it even tho i just installed it from the itch.ios own launcher is there any way i can fix this

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Hi, try to re-install. If it doesn't help, then download manually from this page.

neither of the methods work unfortunately ://

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As far as i know you are only one with this problem. No idea how it is even possible.

I assume it can happen if you try to do something shady. What internet connection you have? It's not some public internet, or something?

no its not and im sure its not about the internet anyways tried to launch it today for couple times again but im still getting the same message :c

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fact is that you are only one with this problem, what means that problem must be on your side. If you need help, then create topic in forum and provide info about your system.

I dont know why but aim sensitivity is not changable at all it is always the same no matter the % its at

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If it was the case, then every single player would report it. Maybe you expect different/stronger/opposite effect from it?

Just pick sniper rifle and test with 0% and 100%.

If there is no difference, then what OS you have?


I am on windows 10, i tried it with the sniper scope and some iron sights its the same from 0 to 100%

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when you aim with sniper scope you have exactly the same sensitivity on 0% and 100%? Report in forum and will see if someone else has this problem. I tested just now and everything works as expected.

EDIT: do you press SAVE after changing aim sensitivity?

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I just ran the game, changed aim sensitivity and tried again. It seems to be kind of working. I dont know what the problem was then. Anyways thank you for your support and amazing job on the game! and im sorry if i caused trouble

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