A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


SkillWarz is modern first person shooter game.  Game is still in development and more content will be added in future updates. At this moment game has 5 game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Elimination and Team Gun Game) on more then 20 maps.

Now we have also Training mode, where you can learn/practice different things.

Some features:
* Statistics
* Progression
* Unlocks
* Map vote
* Customization
* Leaderboard

We have community forum:  https://skillwarz.com
There you can read all information about game and report bugs, cheaters.
Active members can even get administrator rights in game.
We have also Map Editor,  which can be used to make maps and play on them. Or even to show us your map ideas. 

More game screenshots can be found in this album on Facebook.
And some videos on YouTube.


You can change controls in game settings.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.11+, Ubuntu 12.04+
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
CPU:  with SSE2 instruction set support.

Processor:  Intel Core i5 2500 / AMD FX 8350  or better
Memory:  4 GB RAM
Graphics:  Geforce GTX 570 / AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
Storage:  3 GB available space

Game runs well also on older/weaker systems.

Install instructions

  • Extract game from archive - right click on the downloaded file and choose extract here, or extract somewhere on your computer.
  • Launch the game by double clicking on skillwarz.exe


skillwarz_52_x64.zip 483 MB
skillwarz_52_x86.zip 477 MB
skillwarz_52_Mac.zip 502 MB
skillwarz_52_Linux.zip 560 MB

Development log

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could you get skillwarz on steam

Any plans on BR ? :D

Not possible with current networking solution.

more weapons skins please


What application did you use to make this game

unity engine

how to run the game in linux 

the extrated the file but un able to run the game

how do you update?

Delete old version and download new.

And if you use itch app, then game will update automatically.

Custom Keybinds?

In Settings

is this multiplayer?


OneManArmy i love this game so far. really nice maps as well.

i've got an idea, myabe change the weapon menu similar to battlfield or something or like an menu where you can click your attachments, it seems easier to use (for me)

Pls people reply what you think yourself!

It requires rework of whole menu system. It is planned in future.

oh, nice to hear its plammed om te future, i like this one, the only thing is that if you click one more by accident you have to go all the way around again. its the only thing i can think of right now.  like i said i love the game

same dude i would like to just click the attachment i wan

Also how hard would it be to add a battle royale mode?? We are really lacking that genre for linux..

Simply not possible with current networking solution.

This game is really good! Great Job!! I wondered whether it would be simple to add the vehicles that you have in your fps engine, to some of the maps/gamemodes on this game? That would be really fun.....

(1 edit)

could you create an Australian region please?iCant play with good ping

will be added in next update.

hey guys if you have a Mac you can go into finder and right click it, you may have to put in a password but it will launch

Hello, I would like to know why, when I try to download, the game is showing "Failed - Forbidden" when it is almost finished downloading. I'm from Brazil, why?

(1 edit)

Hi, you should ask this question to itch.io support.
If you can't download game, it's not my fault.
I am only using their service.

You can try downloading the game via app https://itch.io/app

Would you like to put it on some other site and send me the link to download it?

Problem must be on your side, since nobody else has problem with downloading. Simply download app.

best game

wait so your telling me that you can play this game at 100fps on a low end pc?!?

on low settings

Add a campaign please!

Not planned.

Why? it would definitely make the game bigger!

I think answer is obvious. It will take years to make campaign, since i am working alone. Not even talking about expenses.

Dude I have unity I can help! no payment needed! Also if there ever will be I probably would put it on youtube! So I am some what making a deal with you... get a campaign on game or zombies and I will show your game on youtube!

deal :D

How many years experience in game development?
And how many subs you have?

just don't steal the game of him (im sure you won't :) )

I just downloaded the game on my MacBook and the update before had no problems, but this update I can't bind my shoot and aim down sights to my mouse buttons

You don't have to bind inputs after every update. All inputs, classes and settings are saved.

If something is not working then create topic here: https://skillwarz.com
and explain in details what you are doing and what happens (if possible, record video).

The game is rough around the edges but lots of fun! Hope it gets more players.

How do I play on a custom map? Can I just transfer the map file?


i know Y is how u chat but when ever I do it doesn't show 

How to change my name in Skillwarz?

Username can't be changed.

nice, i like thise, cool game, 5 stars of 5

i am asking before downloading so please reply soon...
Is it multiplayer??

if yes can i play it in my linux without steam to my friend using windows??

Yes the game is multiplayer, and can play normally with your Windows friend.

Please add more weapons for this fantastic game!!! :)

Hope add the death playback featurue .

(1 edit)

Very good project! Like it!

This game is in desperate need of a WebGL version for Firefox. Please make one!

Why? WebGL is worse in any aspect. It was one huge step back, when webplayer was replaced with WebGL.

I just thought an online web-based version would allow for more people to get into the game, and let it run cross-platform.

That is the plan.

can you please add more skins to the guns in the game... my feedback. i hope in the future you will thake this as grant

hello again.. can you please tell me how to add people.... if there is no adding system in the game please add it cause this game is fun as

hey this game is sick but could you add health regen?

Create room and enable perks. One of perks can regenerate health.

i dont think it would be a smart idea

where can i see the patch notes for the updates?




and maybe you can add a new weapon how the scar or a kar for snipers or maybe the ump45 how smg that will be great :3

hey bro did you can do a battle royale mode that will be great please this great game must have this mode and please thank you :)

Hi, technically not possible with current networking solution.

Jesus, these people are demanding.


Hope add the death playback featurue .

This game is amazing! Its better than any shooter I played yet my friends call this a bad indie game from the lack of weapons and stuff like that. Anyways besides that I would like to see a game mode simmilar to the bomb scenario on cs:go thank you for creating such a amazing game!

More weapons = harder to balance. I am adding new weapons time by time. At this moment "more weapons" is not priority.

Hey Can you Add a Conrtoller support mode for people whith xbox or ps4 controllers and a guest mode so more players can play?

you can use programs such as enjoyable to get bindings for your controler you just have to set up what button on the controler causes what key on the keyboard. It is what i used to try many games with a controler that didnt support controler.

hey i cant get into matches what server u play on

can you change bindings..if you can can i put in my side buttons because i have a Logitch G402

Yes. In settings you can find controls and change inputs.

thanks.... :)

this game kinda feels like COD or something so maybe find something that is different to that and implement it. I also think bigger guns should make people slower and have more recoil cause there's this one big gun that i can't remember the name of that lets me move fast and be accurate. you should also add a mode where once you die you die until the end of round.  we need more limitations for guns. There's a lot of games like this on the market and I need a reason to play this over them, something new something different to the classic shoot man=dead man, I feel like you could benefit quite a bit by watching people review games or talk about games like this and see what they want then you can take it and put it in.  Be careful though you might want to try and release beta updates and if people like them release them with the full updates but only do this with ones you think people might dislike or something

I feel like a piece of shit writing this

Will bot support be added cause sometimes I struggle to connect properly to a match and I kinda just want to play against bots or something.

Bots are not planned.

I can't look around or aim using mouse. Help?

If you have problems with game, then write here:

I assume your mouse cursor is not locked.
Open in-game menu and press button "Resume" to lock cursor.

I'll try that. Thank you!

Best Game <3
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