A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


SkillWarz is modern first person shooter game.  Game is still in development and more content will be added in future updates. At this moment game has 5 game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Elimination and Team Gun Game) on more then 20 maps.

Now we have also Training mode, where you can learn/practice different things.

Some features:
* Statistics
* Progression
* Unlocks
* Map vote
* Customization
* Leaderboard 

We have community forum:  https://skillwarz.com
There you can read all information about game and report bugs, cheaters.
Active members can even get administrator rights in game.
We have also Map Editor,  which can be used to make maps and play on them. Or even to show us your map ideas. 

More game screenshots can be found in this album on Facebook.
And some videos on YouTube.


You can change controls in game settings.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+, macOS 10.11+, Ubuntu 12.04+
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
CPU:  with SSE2 instruction set support.

Processor:  Intel Core i5 2500 / AMD FX 8350  or better
Memory:  4 GB RAM
Graphics:  Geforce GTX 570 / AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
Storage:  3 GB available space


Install instructions

  • Extract game from archive - right click on the downloaded file and choose extract here, or extract somewhere on your computer.
  • Launch the game by double clicking on skillwarz.exe


skillwarz_60_x64.zip 495 MB
skillwarz_60_x86.zip 491 MB
skillwarz_60_Mac.zip 509 MB
skillwarz_60_Linux.zip 548 MB

Development log

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hi  hi hi hi hi hi

Where do you write your new updates, whats in them.



this is fun when i cant afford COD thank you :)


Loved this game <3........

publish it to steam


you shouyld put bots in that would make it way more fun


from when playing against bots is considered "more fun"?

So I was wondering where I could find the old map editor. Not the one in progress but the old one. I intend on making a map similar map to the ones from day of defeat. And can you make a beta game mode for a domination game mode? Just wondering 


 Never mind I found  it


Where could I download the app?




when ever I try to open the app it says 

The application “skillwarz” can’t be opened. plz help


install itch.io app and then install game via app.


Hi OMA, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to implement gamepad support in the menus

Hi, such things take a lot of work. I don't want to waste time on things which will be used by 0.01% of player base. Adding gamepad support in the menus makes sense only if game will be released on consoles (what i don't plan to do).

Thanks for your reply, I was asking because I got it running on switch, I understand if it is not worth the time.

   can we have something like that to better aim


use crosshair perk

how I update the game, when I have an update

You download the game again.

install the itch.io app. it will install updates automatically

For those who are getting game crash issue, it's because of internet connection if your internet isn't enough to load login page then it will crash 

No connection is just one of reasons. Seems that for some users on MacOS something is not working correctly and i don't think that problem is in game.

(4 edits)

my computer is macos Mojave 10.14.5 its up to date and its 8 ram core i5and i downlaoded the game in itch app, i still dont know where is the problem its still crashing all the time when i launch it please help (onemanarmy)???? 

Deleted 10 days ago
(2 edits)

Search in google "app quits unexpectedly on Mac" and maybe you will find solution.
If you need help : https://skillwarz.com

the game still have crashes (onemanarmy) please help?!

Create topic in forum and provide all info about your PC (OS, CPU, GPU and if you played game before).

(1 edit)

i have a problem when this game it is downloaded like 200 mb the download fails everytime i can ensure my internet is good but the game is not downloading after 200 mb

Your problem has nothing to do with my game. Contact itch.io support.

It says forbidden when I download the x64 version I think the link to download is fuucked I tried to download it on like 3 different pcs

Contact itch.io support, or install itch.io app and download games via app.

thank you so much i downloaded the game from the launcher and now it works successfully

Sorry Hassan, but the problem is on your end. Just tried 'em, both windows links are working. Game downloads without any problem.

Ok I will try to download from the launcher thanks for clearing my doubt ok see you tomorrow

i live in south africa and there is no server here i just would like to know what server i should use becuse im having a lot of ping and lag issuse with joining servers :P

hi how to instal the update

You don't have to install anything. Simply download new version and play. Old version can be deleted.

Hi, my crash game after 15 minutes. And I've tried everything literally. Help me?

I very rarely hear about problem with crashes. If you have low-end system, then my only advice will be = upgrade PC.

Hi, I'm looking to download this. Is there an option to play with only your friends in the lobby/game? Like a 4 man TDM? Thanks

Hi, yes you can create room for 4 players in all game modes.

Can u add a windowed fullscreen mode. I like to stream but i have be in windowed to go to my streming software with ease

Hello, ive just downloaded the Mac version, but when I try to open it it won't let me. I've tried unzipping it through archive and another application pops up called 'skillwarz 2'. it won't let me open that either. I am using Mac OS Catalina 

please read comments. I am tired to post video tutorial again and again and again.

this is awesome game, dude

it's like that old cozy call of duty

спс, и не матерись в чате. За это можно бан получить.

Прошу простить, буду знать. Желаю удачи в твоём начинании, ураганный геймплей и приятный ттк это то, чего не хватает большинству современных шутеров <3

everytime i relogin to the game my levels are reset. this has happened to me 3 nights in a row. i keep the things i unlock but have to grind back up to my previous level to be able to unlock new weapons. plz fix

You must close game by pressing "Quit Game" button.

sehr gutes game .

mehr maps wären nice .

Wenn der 'new map editor' kommt, wird es mehr maps geben.



I play this game now since a long time (I cant tell since when) and yesterday I showed this game my friend. He told me some stuff to improove your game and I think maybe somthing will get into the game. First he said, that he would love if you could lean around edges like in Rainbow Six Siege (He plays it a lot). Second I told him that I play this for long time now and that there was a double jump, so that you could play that game like a JetPack Shooter. He said that this is a great idea (I think so too). Maybe you could add the DoubleJump like it was before with Boots on the ground so that it is normally boots on the ground and you can adjust that you can use doublejump. And third something I would like, would be a crosshair without perk. Its just my opinion and the crosshair is not so important, but it would be cool. Anyway it was the same everybody think like more weapons and more maps and stuff but I know you are working on it. I personally think you do a great job with this game (But please put doublejump back in the game :D) and I hope you continue programming on it.

Hope you are well


(1 edit) (+1)

leaning in game where half of players run around with 200+ ping is not good idea. And leaning is for games with more "tactical" style. SW is more "run and gun", then move slowly from corner to corner.

Double jump was removed because it was breaking gameplay (map movement logic) and there was many many many complaints from players. When we will have more players, then maybe i will add it back as an option.

If i will add crosshair, then i will have to increase hip fire inaccuracy (like it is done in most shooter games). Shooting from hip will give you much worse accuracy, then when aim down the sights. So whats the point from crosshair?

As i usually answer on question about crooshair... it fits games like CS, where you can't aim down the sights (from all weapons). If i will add crosshair, then only in "Normal" mode. But at this moment it's not planed.

(2 edits)

1)Amazing job.

2)Can you add 3-round burst weapons? Like famas? Please I love famas.

More weapons will be added when i will find/hire person who will animate weapons. I already have model of famas:


How dos one start

start what?

hello, I can't get into the game lately. The game crashes. I am using Windowsx64. I keep getting a ping error. but I used to be able to play.

install itch.io app and then install game via app. If it doesn't help, then create topic in forum and provide info about your PC and account. I have no idea who you are and from where you are. Max ping in game is 500. 

I downloaded itch.io . And he didn`t enter again.

my game crashes on startup please hel


install itch.io app and then install game via app.

not open in the mac catalina

Try, or install itch.io app and then install game via app.


I watched some videos from you on youtube. I like your work! I found you, because, I started to devlop a game with Unity too, I stoped developing, bacouse it cost lots of time. You make a vary good job!

But I have a Question: Can you upload more Videos, like Tuts on YT?

Dont stop Programming! :)

Hi, you just wrote how much time it takes to develop a game. You think i have time to make tutorials? Tutorials also take a lot of time. You don't make games from tutorials. You need tutorials only at very beginning, to learn how to use unity engine/programming language and you already can find thousands of tutorials about it. on youtube.

You're right. I hope this game still get updates in the next years. And I have a next question: Is that a work, wich do you want to earn money? Or do you earn money with this? I think you make a gread job! Nice one OMA!

Veramente un gioco bellissimo, solo che ci sono pochi giocatori. Aggiungete più armi e più mirini, per favore modificate come sono accesiorriate le armi. Per esempio la USP fa schifo senza mirino quindi mettetelo perchè è ingiocabile!


como eu atualizo o jogo?

basta baixar a nova versão e excluir a antiga.

Do I need to download the game again to update it?


hey OneManArmy, i know you are a single developer and my brother has about 8-9 years of experience in programming if you want  to you dm and ill give you his number

Hi, i am not looking for programmers.

ok, thx for replying 

i downloaded it but cant open app i am on mac

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


And if you see message that "developer cannot be verified",  then hold "ctrl",  left mouse click on "skillwarz" and choose "Open".

thank you

i dont know what the updates are, and i'm just curious.


i couldnt open the app

If you need help:


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