A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


SkillWarz is modern first person shooter game.  Game is still in development and more content will be added in future updates. At this moment game has 7 game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Elimination, Team Gun Game, Capture The Flag and Domination) on more then 20 maps. Also Training mode, where you can learn/practice different things.

Some features:
* Statistics
* Progression
* Unlocks
* Map vote
* Customization
* Leaderboard 

We have community forum:  https://skillwarz.com
There you can read all information about game and report bugs, cheaters.
Active members can even get administrator rights in game.
We have also Map Editor,  which can be used to make maps and play on them. Or even to show us your map ideas. 

More game screenshots can be found in this album on Facebook.
And some videos on YouTube.

Join Discord: https://discord.gg/xJRzpfJ


You can change controls in game settings.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1+,  macOS 10.12+,  Ubuntu 16.04+
Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities.
CPU:  with SSE2 instruction set support.

Processor:  Intel Core i5 2500 / AMD FX 8350  or better
Memory:  4 GB RAM
Graphics:  Geforce GTX 570 / AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
Storage:  6 GB available space

Frequently asked questions!

Q: Do i have to register?
Yes. To play game you must create account in game.
Don't try to login with forum account. It will not work.

Q: How to update game?
A: If you play via itch.io app, then game will update automatically.
If you download manually, then delete old version and download newest version.

Q: Game has Anti-Cheat?
A: Yes. Also we have game admins and players can report in forum.
Was added Bad Word Filter. Swearing in chat will lead to Mute/Ban.

Q: How to launch game on Mac?
I get error "application cant be opened", and/or "Unidentified Developer".
A: You can install game via itch.io app, or watch tutorials on YouTube.

Q: Game crashes. What to do?
A: There are many reasons why game can crash and only in rare cases it's developers fault, so don't hurry to delete game and give the game bad rating.

Create topic in forum and provide information about your system (CPU, GPU, RAM and OS). If possible, try to record video and show us when exactly game crashes.

If game crashes on launch, then double check what version of game you have downloaded. If you have 64 bit windows, then download x64, if 32 bit, then x86. 


Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Classes, First-Person, FPS, Multiplayer, Parkour, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

Install instructions

Easiest way to install and play games?  via itch.io app
Download and install app from  https://itch.io/app

If you prefer to manually download, install and update games, then you will find Download buttons below.

Game is compressed in archive. To extract from archive, you may need archiver software. If you are on Windows (or Linux), you can download from https://www.7-zip.org/

On Mac OS you will need app called Unarchiver. You can download it from App Store (it's free). Launch Unarchiver and you鈥檒l see a file association list, tell Unarchiver to associate with .7z files.

1. Extract game from archive (double-click on downloaded file)
2. Launch the game by double clicking on SkillWarz.exe


skillwarz_77_x64.7z 779 MB
skillwarz_77_x86.7z 776 MB
skillwarz_77_Mac.7z 792 MB
skillwarz_77_Linux.7z 826 MB

Development log

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I pressed download but i don't know how to activate it

Did you read description?

If manual download is too complicated for you, then install itch.io app and download/install/play games via app.

nice game but the scoped sensivity are too high. we need an option to change this

you already can. Look in settings.

it only works with scope you own , the default scope on the L91 or smth i dnt remember recieve no impact

It has nothing to do with scopes. It's based on zoom. Just adjust aim sensitivity.


Pretty good even if it's like every shooting COD like games


7/10  is a free and very low specs needed game, is a copy of 100 other games but is free

Could you please put the tutorials link. I cannot find it on YouTube. I am a truly green hand. lol

I hope you can help me


thanks, bro

(1 edit) (+1)

Hi, ZhePirate here. So I've been thinking about this one for quite a while (since when i first touched the AK47), I noticed how unrealistic the the iron sight is on it... Nearly unusable. I and many others would love to have this fixed.

I found an image of how it should look when aiming down the iron sight

Have a great day :)

By the way i am willing to modify the gun model my self if that's needed

oh and i wrote it here instead of the forum cause it doesn't want to verify my email :|

(1 edit)

Account locked from logging in using this IP address until 07/10/2021 11:40 AM following 3 unsuccessful login attempts.

If you forgot your password, then reset. No need to create multiple accounts.

thanks I'll try that

(1 edit)

There is no standard... in all games aiming through iron sight will look different. And why would you even use iron sight when you have unlocked holo and acog before AK47.

And finally, all/most of weapons are just a placeholders. It all will be replaced and adjusted at one point, when we will replace arms and animations.

Ok thanks for letting me know :)

Yo, the game is amazing, great graphics, great gameplay, just... its been 3 years. and you still haven't hit patch one? I love the dedication into the game and i cant wait for patch one indeed. Keep up the great work!


wth is "patch one"?


Patch 1.0


The gun graphics and everything is so great. Also runs pretty smoothly on my rather weak pc. Awesome work! Cant believe you did so much by yourself and for that too for free!!  

When I try and open skill wars on my Mac it says you don't have permission to, do I need anything other then just skillwarz itself to run it

Just read description. You must give permissions. If you don't know how, then search tutorial on youtube.

go to syestem prefence and go security and press general then press open anyway and it will work

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This game is a hidden gem I don't like how it's not so popular



Men imagine the Latino-Speakers Comunity (im from it xD) but its such a hidden game my friends just xdxdxdxd it means that just dont even know about itchio xdxdxdx


tried to logon because found a way to copy my mom mail on pc but sends a code please remove that otherwise might uninstall as a waste


if you are too lazy to create your own email, then uninstall.

When you create an account, a code will be send to your email, you need to enter that code in-game to complete your account creation.


Simply download the game and follow the instruction...

why u r touching ur nose with leg -_-

i shifted to a new game called Impressive Parkour Game we asked them to make a 32 bit package

such a rude men i recommend u dont do that useless comments u gonna give a bad point of view of others ussers but if u cant do that its because ur bommer or a fetus xdxdxdxd


the vm cant run ur game so now ur ded

you don't need VM... simply download correct version

abe lavde 8 saal ka hai tu, aukat me reh samjah 

馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ shi me 2 ka lagra

what kind of a vm will run over a 32 bit pc doe?


my vm friends are there get ready with the vm friends if they dont like we will massage

why on earth would you create a virtual machine on top of your 32 bit system? :DDDDD

i test these games now

website is collab vm or get a vmare

gonna try it later when u remove email optional

Nothing will be removed. If you don't have email, then create one. If for some reason you don't want to use your email, then it's your problem and nobody forces you to play this game.

i dont wanna get my mom mail to you so

create your own. It takes just seconds.

if i make an mail at 8 age and i also have an account so

If you are 8 years old then you should not even be playing this... go read a book or something lol

cant make a new one


okay if you have your own then why did you want register with your mom's? :D

why can't you? most of the kids have like 8 email address by the age of 10.

im from india is this also blocked here is there a 32 bit verison because i have the 32 bit windows computer also desktop


bro what

you asked for the 32 bit version

(1 edit)

yea maybe

but the game still run

i asked for to remove email thing on game

why don't you want to register? I don't get it.

can you test it

why tf would the dev remove the most crucial feature that keeps out 80 per cent of the hackers for a 8yr old with a pc that cant get stable 60 on their old machine 

x86 = 32-bit version

i am from india and i play daily. stop playing with jio hotspot and get a decent pc i recommed something above 50,000 rs


(1 edit)

Is this blocked in the us?


idk I tried opening it and it says its blocked in my country 

where do you see this message. Show me screenshot.


game opening and then crashing immediately... waste of time


and you don't think that problem can be on your side? 

Your system meets requirements? Game has access to your hard drive to create folders, load maps, save screenshots?


It's on the devs end, I don't need to care about it, I am a user, I download the game and launch it, if there is an issue with permissions then it's not using windows api correctly and it meets the requirements.


If you need help then join forum, or discord and provide all info about your system.


you're just a whiny little bi$tch who thinks nothing is his fault. get off the internet and go do something productive you fat f#ck


well that's rude now ain't it


karen lmao


this is not even close to being a karen lol. if you really think what this guy said was in any way good or whatever, you should rethink your whole life.

i can,t play with controller

where do you see controller support?

Controller support might be not be in game yet.

Simply bind controller buttons in control settings

that or get a controller app, that binds controller buttons to mouse/keyboard actions

for example, joytokey.

i cant download it

Contact itch.io support and ask them why you can't download: https://itch.io/support

no, the installer downloaded fine, it was using the installer, there was no problem with itch.io

(2 edits)

what installer? itch.io app?

I hope you understand that I am just one of many thousand game developers on itch, who published game here. If you can't download something from itch, then problem is between you and itch. As far as i know nobody else has problem with downloading SW. If you don't believe me, then join discord (link in description) and ask other players.

i'll explain in detail, i downloaded it from a browser(the game) i opened the file up, (skillwarz_76_x64.7z), and opened it, i never knew a itch.io app even existed, itch.io on the browser is working fine

(1 edit)

"the installer downloaded fine" game don't have installer (it's just game in archive), that's why i asked about itch.io app, as only app has installer.

problem solved? 

your the developer you would no itch io wouldn't

Would it be possible to add Vulkan version for GNU/Linux? Because currently I have to run .exe with DXVK to have vkBasalt (like Reshade) post processing layer.

BTW. Thank you very much for making this game cross-platform!

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you show me some screenshots (or better video), so i can see how game looks with/without vkBasalt? In forum we have section for Suggestions, so you can create topic there and upload screenshots, or video.

(1 edit)

Here's a comparison between some games.

why with vkBasalt off games look so blurry?
All i see in this video how, Contrast Adaptive Sharpening fixes this blurry image.

(6 edits)

vkBasalt GitHub with more details:


One image comparison (vkBasalt turned on: CAS 1.0, played Windows version with Wine, ultra preset):

(2 edits)

In past i was using image sharpening, but it's just something you don't even notice after playing 5 min without.

So you are asking me to release separate Linux build just to have slightly sharper image? Or there is something more then just CAS?


I can't open this game- it opens for a few seconds, tells me that it can't connect to the server, to wait for 15 minutes, and then the game shuts down

(2 edits)

what OS?
Can you access https://skillwarz.com/

(1 edit) (-2)

why my game is not opened?


explain your problem in details and provide info about your system.

Hi. I was wondering if we are ever going to get any more attachments, for the guns. Like under barrel grip and lazers. The game can become a bit boring when you just have the same guns with the same sights.


Of course. When you are working alone, you must set priorities. Attachments are not priority at this moment. Not in closest updates. 

"The game can become a bit boring"

I think new game modes and features are more important than few more sights.


Ive been playing for well over 2 years and can say that this is by a mile the best fps game on itch.io. Constant updates as well as new prospects for new exciting features. being a part of the community can be rewarding as well and feedback is constantly being considered by developer. fixes for bugs are fast and while the player base is small compared to other games of this quality it is still more than impressive to see that the dev is continuing to keep up with it. 

The gameplay if fluid and the mechanics are simple at a base level but can be mastered to be something indistinguishable from what it was when you first start playing. Movement has a lot of depth, aiming feels good, most maps can be a play ground for your skills if you learn to improve said skills. 

The game also has a Wip skin creator and map editor both of which show much promise. overall this game is amazing and is definitely a top 5 game for me, even including all the 100+ triple A games ive played.

Tl;dr, Fun game, feels fluid, lot of features, map editor&skin creator Wip

itch is not updating the game whyy ?

i have no idea what you are talking about. If you need help, then explain your problem in details.

the game tell me that i need update but itch says that the game is up to date !?

Before update i am hiding current version of game, so someone don't download old version. Upload of new version takes around 20-30 minutes. Seems that itch informs about new version at stage when old version gets hidden and new version is not yet uploaded. 

how long does it take for the e mail verifaction to send  i know it said it be delayed but its been like 20 mins and i tryd it again and still waiting

2 min max.

Check junk/spam folder and on registration double check that you entered email without mistakes. And if you use some unknown email service, then i will recommend to use gmail.

i have checked 

scartch that 30 mins


imma retry

so ill be in matches where my ping is 320 and the limit is 300 and i know thats bad but my whole family is on zoom for work and stuff, but it always says to pick a room with no limit, but the max ping is 500?


If your ping is above 300, then join (or create) rooms with 500 ping limit.

already 300+ ping is hard to play against, that is why max is 500

what about a campaign sort of thing? does anyone want that to be added?

hello oneman, whats the discord link?


it's in the description.


Is it possible to make offline matches with bots?

(1 edit)

No, the game is online only. Adding offline mode with bots would take a lot of time and it wouldn't be worth it because only small % of people want it.

Hello Blink 

Yes, but i think a lot of people want it, because if you want to play like with "eassier" people or their is a server and you don't want to play that type of game. I ask this because i have a friend who regrets it. I won't make an issue about it if you're not going to do it.

But thanks anyway for the answer.

This doesn't depend on me, I didn't make the game, I am just saying what Developer usually replies to comments asking about offline mode.

Does the developer see this message

u don't see my answer?

can you make a announcment on the discord server to see who wants an offline mode and who doesn't cair


Even if 99.9% will vote for offline mode, it will not be added anytime soon. It's one of last thing i may consider to add. I am making online game and i don't see any advantage from players who will play in offline mode. If you want to practice before playing online, then try practice mode, where you can test weapons and train your aim by shooting bots.


Everyone is like I WANT TO PLAY SKILLWARZZZ aaah

when will the builds be posted btw

no need to spam, one man says it will probably be done in the next 15 or 20 minutes since he posted.

how do u install the game via itch.io app

go to the app, look up the game, hit install and accept all the prompts. please dont spam. you can also ask these thing in the forums on the site or look in the replies here. just google it if you need to know so bad.

so i keep getting this message that says cannot read property 'build' of undefined. any idea what that is

yes, its the same servers as the site we are on, the game is not posted here and is not posted there either, so you are requesting a download that does not exist. the main reason to have the itch app is for auto downloads and posting games you make. i assume you want to download the game from there since you cant from here, but it will be available here as soon as it is available on the itch app. hope this helps.




any idea when the update will be done? will it be done before the end of the day? a few hours maybe?


15-30 min

awesome, thanks! love you and all you do, keep it up man !

it needs to be updated.  but itch says there are no more updates.

builds are not uploaded yet

ah. sorry i didn't know.

any idea how much time will it take? cant wait to play lol

(1 edit)

sburra rovente goes brrr

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