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It was very good. Thank you.

What is the reason why the character does not walk ?

When you open project wrong way. Watch tutorial "how to open project".

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Please upload more video with voice, don't fast forward. also there is only 2 tutorials pleasse upload more as soon as possible. I m following you on youtube.

FPS Kit is no longer in development and i don't have time to make tutorials.

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  • hey I have turn on NoWeapon but not seeking any dots.
  • how to disable pause option temporary? 

also you can put your custom arms and put them in the hierarchy  as a child of the arms in the kit..

How would you go about adding a different set of arms. I have the model for the arms, but I can't figure out how the current ones are set up? Thanks in advance this is a great kit.

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Did you read Readme? You must use your own models, and here is video tutorial for you.

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