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Hello there, could you please tell me if there's anyway how I can give players starting weapons!

In weapon manager must be fields where you can set weapon for 1st slot and 2nd. Don't edit script, but change in inspector.

Sir, I tried that, for some reason weapons don't appear, and it doesn't let me pick up the weapons as well.

As if I put the first and second weapons on the two slots, none of those two weapons appears at the start, and then it doesn't let me pick up those weapons from the world as well.

And sir I've been following you since you had your website armedunity3d running, I'm glad to get a reply from you! :)

When something is not working, the n check console and most likely you will see error there. 

There was 1 error. In function Deselect()

add  if(canvas != null) in front of

canvas.crossAlpha.alpha = 0f;

can i use gun and some scripts  of fpskit2019.3 in my project??

read readme.txt

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Dude, its good to see you on itch! I used your kit to learn from like a year ago!

If you want you can check out my prototype..
The character is a custom character controller..
All built from scratch and with some well gained knowledge from looking over your project..

Gotta admit, when I first looked through it I didn't know about prefabs.. Why the player was spawning in, how interfaces functioned or what they even were.. I've since learned a lot.. And your project helped a lot!

This guy is solid!

I wanted help from friends, I can't find the player to add weapons, why does the player (clone) appear when the game starts.

You must have at least basic knowledge about unity engine, to use this kit. Just learn what is "prefab" and how prefabs are used. It's something you MUST know and there is nothing complicated.

It was very good. Thank you.

What is the reason why the character does not walk ?

When you open project wrong way. Watch tutorial "how to open project".

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Please upload more video with voice, don't fast forward. also there is only 2 tutorials pleasse upload more as soon as possible. I m following you on youtube.

FPS Kit is no longer in development and i don't have time to make tutorials.

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  • hey I have turn on NoWeapon but not seeking any dots.
  • how to disable pause option temporary? 

also you can put your custom arms and put them in the hierarchy  as a child of the arms in the kit..

How would you go about adding a different set of arms. I have the model for the arms, but I can't figure out how the current ones are set up? Thanks in advance this is a great kit.

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Did you read Readme? You must use your own models, and here is video tutorial for you.

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